Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Welcome to Splitsider

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. Welcome to Splitsider, a new blog about comedy, comedians and all things funny in the age of the Internet.

Splitsider is here to cover comedic movies, TV shows, web videos, books and miscellanea as well as the people behind such things. If you're interested in the great, hilarious content currently being pumped out these days by professionals and amateurs alike, hopefully you'll find something of interest here.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to shoot me a line. Also, please refresh every page you view 10 times to juice our pageviews. Otherwise, just take a look around and enjoy. Thanks!

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  • http://technicalbit.com QuinnC

    Good luck with Splitsider, Adam! We'll miss you over at Gizmodo!

    • David Cho


  • http://misterhippity.tumblr.com MisterHippity

    Happy launch day!

  • sorry your heinous

    I'm seriously, amazingly, incredibly excited. I'm a comedy nerd (owing to my general unfunniness), so this has been anticipated by me since I first heard whispers. Good luck, Adam/Mr. Frucci!

    • sorry your heinous

      Absolutely killing my day by having all these back articles to read /fistshake

  • saythatscool

    Go get em, Fruccipants!

  • http://6h057.net 6h057

    I enjoyed this posting.

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  • joeclark

    How long till you get interviewed by Marc Maron?

  • DoctorDisaster

    I have no idea how to import my picture here. It's making me nostalgic for the early days of the Awl!

    • http://sorryyourheinous.tumblr.com/ sorry your heinous

      It did mine automatically, so I'm thinking you need a "gravatar" [http://en.gravatar.com/] tied to the e-mail you used to sign-up here.

  • HerooftheBeach

    I am very excited that the Awl is sporing! It won't be long before Awl network sites totally infest the kitchen cabinets and wallpapers of the internet. (And poach half of Gawker's writing staff, it looks like.)

    But the pages still load inexplicably slowly and crawl my whole browser when I open articles in new tabs. I dunno. I'm gonna read it anyway.

  • LaughingSkullLounge

    The articles on this blog kick ass. you covered Clarissa Explains It All and Stefon. i'm pretty happy. Thank you!