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The Saturday Night Live Season 36 Viewers Guide

Saturday Night Live returns tomorrow night to kick off its 36th season. There are a bunch of new cast members and also a couple of missing cast members not returning from last season. There are already hosts and musical guests lined up. And, oh my, the recurring characters that they’ll be bringing back! Here is your complete guide to SNL season 36  (because you should really be prepared for these sorts of things).

This guide will be updated throughout the season as more hosts are announced and things of that nature, so bookmark it if you want a handy place to come for the most up-to-date info.

The Hosts

Here’s what the schedule looks like at the moment:

September 25: Amy Poehler/Katy Perry
October 2: Bryan Cranston/Kanye West
October 9: Jane Lynch/Bruno Mars
October 16: Off Week/Rerun
October 23: Emma Stone/Kings of Leon
October 30: Jon Hamm/Rihanna

The Cast

Fred Armisen

Cast member since: 2002
Notable recurring characters and impersonations: Nicholas Fehn, Manuel Ortiz, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Barack Obama, David Paterson

Abby Elliott

Featured player since: 2009
Notable recurring characters and impersonations: Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie, Rachel Maddow

Bill Hader

Cast member since: 2005
Notable recurring characters and impersonations: Stefon, Vinny Vedecci, Greg the Alien, Vincent Price, Al Pacino, Lindsey Buckingham

Seth Meyers

Cast member since: 2001
Note: Seth Meyers is the head writer of the show and generally only does Weekend Update, although he’ll occasionally do the cold open as someone such as Anderson Cooper.

Bobby Moynihan

Featured player since: 2009
Notable recurring characters and impersonations: Mark Payne, Vinny Vedecci Jr., Ass Dan, Snookie, Guy Fieri

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