Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Andy Richter on Conan: "I think we’re much better off here doing this show than we would be if were doing The Tonight Show"

Andy Richter, having had some time to get some perspective on the whole Tonight Show shitshow, feels that everything has worked out for the best:

It took awhile for me to feel we weren’t missing out on the best-case scenario for us not doing The Tonight Show. I have definitely changed. I think we’re much better off here doing this show than we would be if were doing The Tonight Show. For awhile, I felt like, “Well, we’re gonna go somewhere else, we’re gonna do a show somewhere else, that’s great. But if I had my druthers, I’d still rather we’d have been able to continue on The Tonight Show.” I don’t think in terms of the quality of our lives and the quality of our work, that that would have been the best thing for us in the long run. I think that we’re gonna live a lot longer, we’re gonna be a lot happier, and we’re gonna do a lot better work where we are now. I just think that the atmosphere here is more conducive to good living.

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  • saythatscool

    Yes, I would hate to think that the man with the easiest job on television might get stressed out. After all, coming up with mind numbing banter around celebrities leads so many to an early grave these days.

    • saythatscool

      And let me just add that if that fat bowl of pork drippins got any more relaxed, he would be dead.

  • saythatscooler

    Wow.  saythatscool is a moron.  He is talking about the level of freedom they have over the content of the show and the feeling of a more secure job.  At NBC they were very much under the microscope of the network on the tonight show and that can be very stressful and can make you feel like your job is not very secure.  I don't care how easy your job is or how much you make, not having a sense of security about your job is very stressful and can affect other areas of your life.  Conan's shows are not the same without Andy.  I watched Conan on the late show for years and when Andy left, it simply was not the same.  Andy rocks.