Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Combine Rallies

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Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear Announcement
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So last night’s Daily Show featured appearances by Stephen Colbert and Oprah and the announcement that the two rallies — The Rally to Restore Sanity and The March to Keep Fear Alive — were being combined into the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. Not that this is much of a surprise; clearly there were never plans to have two separate events on the same day. Oh, and then Oprah gifted the entire studio audience with trips to the rally, which is fun.

But it’s good that the rally is coming up relatively soon, because it sort of feels like this whole thing is starting to eat its own tail. Yes, the rally is a great, fun idea, and I am planning on going. It’s exciting and a big, news-making event! But when the entire episode of The Daily Show up to the interview is about the rally, it makes you realize what it is that makes you watch The Daily Show, and it’s not very elaborate self-promotion.

But hey, it was the last episode in the studio before a week off and then a week broadcasting from DC leading up to the rally and elections. So I suppose it’s fair for them to really push this thing hard before then.

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