Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Mel Gibson Axed From The Hangover 2 After Cast Complaints

Recently, Zach Galifianakis mentioned being in "a deep protest" at a shoot he was participating in. The assumption was that he was not pleased that Mel Gibson was getting a cameo to help repair his deservedly-ruined reputation in The Hangover 2. Turns out, that was exactly right.

Due to what's apparently nearly unanimous opposition to his participation by the cast and crew of the film, he's being cut from it. Writer/director Todd Phillips had this to say in a statement: "I thought Mel would have been great in the movie and I had the full backing of Jeff Robinov and his team. But I realize filmmaking is a collaborative effort, and this decision ultimately did not have the full support of my entire cast and crew."

Kudos to the cast and crew to standing up to Phillips and the studio on this one, as if anyone is not deserving of career rehab, it's the incredibly scummy Mel Gibson. Fuck off, Mel Gibson.

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  • Mike

    Mike Tyson has been convicted of raping a teenager, several counts of drug possession, several DUI's, he's beaten up paparazzi, he's no stranger to making outrageously offensive comments and once bit a dude's ear off. His wrap sheet is arguably much worse than Mel Gibson's, but nobody protested his cameo in The Hangover.

    Not defending Mel Gibson in any way, I'm just curious why there wasn't outrage over Tyson's appearance…

    • DuiePyle

      Among a slew of other reasons — Because Tyson has never pretended to be anything else. Gibson seems to think he's actually doing the world some kind of spiritual favor.

      • strexon

        Yeah pretending is way worse than raping somebody.

      • Mike

        Yeah, that argument holds absolutely no water. Mike Tyson is somehow more acceptable than Mel Gibson because he was totally up front about how he raped a girl and brutalized people?

        Anyways, that's not even the case. Tyson has always made convoluted arguments defending himself and saying he's misunderstood.

  • litel

    Nic Cage can probably use whatever money stunt casting like this would bring. Also, he would be amazing.

    • http://zanf.net zanf

      'Amazing', as in 'nasal, whiny and boringly dull'?

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