Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Harrison Ford Was High as Shit on Conan Last Night

Before Reggie Watts killed it on Conan last night, Harrison Ford showed up in a state that can only be described as being fucked out of his mind. Seriously, have you ever seen someone so clearly on drugs before in your life? There is literally no other explanation for this other than that he's picked up a late-in-life case of Autism. But that seems unlikely, doesn't it? I just wanna know what Han Solo is on here. It seems relaxing.

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  • HerooftheBeach

    This is a big improvement for Ford, who is usually one of the grumpiest, most condescending talk show guests I've ever seen. (See his Daily Show appearance last week.) If it weren't for the sheer magnitude of his star power, he'd never get invited onto in anything. He should wipe out on valium more often.

    The cascading blimp clips were hysterical, though!

  • bwilliams18

    Little volcano vap backstage w/ you frucci?

  • http://gamingmedley.com Charles Stover

    I don't think he's high. He just looks introverted and nervous, which seems most the case in the second half of the interview where he becomes more comfortable and more able to speak openly.

    Being high can make you introverted like that, but I wouldn't doubt that he's introverted in every day life in the first place.

    • Jason Tureman

      Have you seen his other interviews? Harrison Ford is not a nervous, introverted guy.

  • j bacher

    my guess is he smoked reggie's shit.

  • Speedy Gray

    I have had a lot of direct contact with Mr. Ford for the last 15 years and I can assure you that he was, as he often is, high as a Goddam kite. But, please don't mistake this as a sign that he is cool. He can be a raging douche, but still blazed.

  • http://www.lindaaar.tumblr.com/ Linda Aarseth

    HAHA, wtf? :)

  • MattyD123

    this is low quality, but it seems like Harrison's on lsd here. Wouldn't be surprising with a brief history working with The Doors : )


  • Guest

    I'm pretty sure that Harrison Ford has a phobia of public speaking like on live television. Not everyone is high just because they are fidgety