“Jay Leno Ripped Me Off”

Last night on The Tonight Show, Jay Leno showed a montage of clips of Taylor Swift acting surprised to Taylor Swift. Does that montage sound familiar? Well, that’s because Rich “FourFour” Juzwiak and Kate Spencer created just such a montage last week for VH1 blog The Fab Life, which went on to rack up over 200,000 views in a matter of days. And if you think it was just a coincidence, well, one of Leno’s producers called Rich and asked if he could use the video if they gave credit. Well, there was no credit to be found on the show.

Here’s Rich on the interaction he had with the producer:

In my response, I stressed how important it was for my friend Kate Spencer (who came up with the idea for the video in the first place) to be credited, too. Kate and me/fourfour and The Fab Life/both attributions — however they wanted to do it, I asked that they somehow mention us both. Sean told me, “We’re going to put all this information into the notes for Jay. But I can’t make any promises about how specific he’ll get into the origin. But we will definitely credit you and your friend Kate in the credits so we atl east give you a written credit.”

Ah, Jay Leno. It’s like he goes out of his way to be unlikable.

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