Thursday, November 18th, 2010

What the Hell Is Up with Alec Baldwin's Wegmans Commercials?

Alec Baldwin is rich and famous and has absolutely no need to do crappy, low-budget local commercials. But his mom loves upstate NY supermarket Wegmans! So of course, he did a couple of weirdly lousy ads for them. It's like they're a joke! But they aren't, as there are no punchlines. The first one is above, and here's the second:

Now, I went to Syracuse for undergrad, and I learned to love the wonder that is Wegmans. It is probably the best grocery store ever! But I still cannot wrap my head around these ads. It's like he lost a bet. Why, Alec? Why?

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  • JoshUng

    I live in NJ, so a grocery store that sells alcohol doesn't need to do too much to impress me, so perhaps I'm not the best judge into how great Wegmans is.

    Supposedly, Wegmans actually pays their employees a living wage, perhaps Baldwin decided to do a favor for the company as approval for the great employee relations?


  • http://www.lindsayism.com lindsay robertson

    There was apparently a facebook campaign for this: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=121917531169435&ref=ss

    981 members, though!

  • AnnaVanLenten

    Wegmans is supposed to be a WONDERFUL grocery store, and since most are shite, I can understand Alec, who, despite his notorious flare-ups has sound sensibilities, plugging for them. In fact it's kind of refreshing to see his mug in her service of something as prosaic as a market.

  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/profile.php?id=1841142079 KeiserTroll

    Alec Baldwin is not content to be this generation's Tony Curtis. He also wants to be this generation's James Karen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Damien-Chacona/537202500 Damien Chacona

    I used to live in upstate NY. I moved away six years ago, and I still miss Wegmans whenever I go to the grocery store. It's like a giant Safeway with a Whole Foods and a Trader Joe's and a Blockbuster and a William's Sonoma and a pizzaria and a sub shop and a Chinese restaurant in it.

  • http://greg.org gregorg

    Sounds like how Lauren Bacall used to [still does?] appear in the homemade TV ads for the Hampton Jitney.

  • grovberg

    "Alec Baldwin is rich and famous and has absolutely no need to do crappy, low-budget local commercials."

    Are we sure about that? He certainly wouldn't be the first working actor to piss away millions.

    Also, anyone notice how he steadfastly refuses to look at the camera when he's walking toward it in the first one, like he's ashamed to look us in the eye?

  • Gchisholm

    I think it's his Mother's dedication to Wegman's That made him do it. there was a blurb on David Letterman show that "Sparked" it all.

  • brosefk

    Why does he touch heads with his mom in the parking lot of Wegman's? It's like: "Hold up, mom. Stop the cart. Let's have an awkward moment of bonding over these delicious, chef-prepared $6 meals in the parking lot. No. Just touch my head. With yours. Trust me. You'll like this. No, just quickly. Mom! I… JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, stop honking, fella! Can't a man touch heads with his mom in a parking lot over the holidays without… Fine, fine. Yeah, tough guy. We're moving. Whatever. Fuck you, big man. Merry Christmas."