Monday, December 20th, 2010

The 1982 Tron Christmas Special Is So Awesome

Scott Gairdner is quickly becoming the King of Internet Videos, if he hasn't already become said King. The newish Funny or Die writer/director's latest pièce de résistance is this, The 1982 Tron Holiday Special. Part mockery of the infamous Star Wars Christmas special, part mockery of Tron, part excuse to dress Rip Taylor up in a retro Tron suit and throw digital confetti around, it is perfect. This is how you do it, everyone else.

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  • http://sorryyourheinous.tumblr.com/ sorry your heinous

    I've never processed so much joy-data!

  • areyouthatguy

    As fun, hell as MIRTHFUL, as this is, I still love Scott's "Juggalo News" more.