Monday, December 6th, 2010

The Simpsons Puppet Segment Is…Something

Here's a segment from last night's Simpsons in which the animation is replaced by puppets. It's sort of like that Halloween episode that had Homer and Bart enter a 3D world, but this is a Christmas episode and that 3D one was funny, coherent and didn't feature Katy Perry in a goddamned Simpsons dress. Good lord.

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  • DaveyNC

    Muppet Show homage. Weird.

  • grovberg

    It's weird, because I'd assume that it's one of the those "bad on purpose" things, but that would mean they were shitting on the Muppets which doesn't seem right.

    Also, Katy Perry very obviously and purposefully rubbing her boobs on a puppet Mr. Burns will go down as the single most bizarre Simpsons moment in history… which I typed right before they got to the part where puppet Moe accidentally performs cunnilingus on her.