Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Holy Shit, the Japanese Intro to 30 Rock Is Amazing

Guys. Guys! This is the intro to 30 Rock in Japan. It's really something! It makes the show seem so slapsticky, and there's a closeup of Cerie's butt right at the beginning, and what is that theme song? I love it so much.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Simmons/9351830 Ryan Simmons

    We need a translator on those titles, stat. This is the Internet! Statistically speaking one person who reads this site speaks Japanese! So get on it! I bet it says something like "This is Big Boss Jack. He executes. Look at him be so anger!"

  • http://recursivebee.blogspot.com Patrick M

    That song was in an episode of the NBC crime drama "Life" according to other people trying to find the song, soooo probably NBC purchased the rights to the song from 5 Alarm Music for that show, and then someone in Japan chose it from a list of music NBC had the rights to, or maybe AAAHHH CERIE'S BUTT!

  • passerby

    "The big hit throughout America! Winner of Emmys *and* Golden Globes!
    Female television writer, struggling through life!
    She's confident when she's producing live TV shows!
    outside of work、she's a somewhat timid heroine,
    facing challenges day after day, with no rehearsals!"

    Needless to say, this looks a lot more like an advertisement than an intro.

  • http://cychow.info Yan Chow

    This is amazing lol.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Felix-Molina/2000761 Felix Molina

    I love this. I hope the entire show is re-edited like this. Apparently the Japanese versions also have little pop-up factoids that help Japanese viewers get the jokes. For instance, in an early episode where Jack is dealing with a rapper who says he's going to tell Tupac about something, a pop-up informs viewers that Tupac died in 1996. I'm sure the viewers read the info, rewind the joke, and then laugh and laugh and laugh.