The Very Important Comedic News and Videos From This Week

-The first episode of IFC’s Portlandia was made available for streaming on Hulu.
-We took a loving look back at the Kids in the Hall.
-Chris Gethard finally got Diddy to come do his show, after 13 months of trying.
-We laid down some real talk about the bad idea that is the Arrested Development movie.
-Hannibal Buress killed it on Letterman.
-Comedians had to figure out how and if it was appropriate to make jokes relating to the tragedy in Tucson.
-Comedy Central and MTV announced The Comedy Awards.

And here, as usual, are your Top Five Comedy Videos of the Week:

Terrible Decisions with Ben Schwartz: The Drop Off with Gary Cole — Funny or Die

Peach and Zelda Catch Up — CollegeHumor

Bored Cops: Smell This — UCBcomedy

BORED COPS: Smell This
Watch more comedy videos from the twisted minds of the UCB Theatre at

STFU Pest Control Company — Rue Brutalia

The 40 Year Old 20 Year Old, Ep. 2: “Roommates”

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