Friday, February 4th, 2011

Dana Carvey Talks About Tomorrow's SNL with Fallon

Dana Carvey was on Fallon last night, and he talked a bit about what to expect. In short: lots of his old characters. I'd say that a Church Lady sketch is pretty much guaranteed, and I would also put good money on a guest appearance by Mike Meyers for a Wayne's World sketch. It should be great, really; many of Carvey's characters lost a bit of their sheen when he was on the show thanks to constant repetition, but we're far enough away from that now that it'll be fun and fresh to see them again.

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  • JoshUng

    I'm not a big fan of the repitition SNL sometimes does, but with Carvey, I'm willing to overlook a lot. They can basically just re-air a Headwound Harry skit, and the "chop the broccoli" one too, with no new jokes and I'd still be pretty happy.