Friday, February 18th, 2011

South by Southwest's Statement About the Lack of Women in Their Comedy Lineup

South by Southwest has responded to the hubbub about their comedy offerings at this year's festival consisting of 30 dudes and 1 lady. Here's their statement in full:

If you follow SXSW, you may know that our initial announcements are rarely complete, and this year is no exception. While we're proud of the roster of great comedians set to join us in Austin next month, we were disappointed by the fact that we could only include one woman in our initial release.

We've been working on finalizing arrangements with other well-known female comics for quite some time and we hope to announce more soon.

SXSW Comedy has a history of showcasing some of the best up and coming and established comedians in the country. In recent years, we’ve featured Morgan Murphy, Margaret Cho, Chelsea Peretti, Kristen Schaal, Andi Smith, Maria Bamford, Natasha Leggero and Janeane Garofalo among many others.

Unfortunately, we had just three female comedians apply in our open process this year. We'd love to see that number increase every year. That said, we did reach out to several who just couldn't make it work due to scheduling.

In terms of accepted acts, the festival is dependent on people who want to be a part of it. Comedians perform at SXSW for fun, not for money. Every year we lose people who are set to perform to TV pilot season. This year, it cost us some great women.

Keep checking sxsw.com/comedy for updates to our comedy schedule.

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  • thepinkster

    what our professional statement really meant:

    P1. We love women, we really do and we particularly love women who are funny. That's why we were so doggone dissappointed that our press release only listed one :( Why didn't more of you funny women respond (your fault)? Or maybe you did but we get hit with so-o-o-o many gosh-darned applicants that we just can't get to all of them (don't be unreasonable – we know what we're doing here and we're cool and we have to go for a run). Besides, if you you were more savvy about us (everyone should be) you'd know that we get around to these things when we get around to them (don't be a pushy New Yorker or your application might get lost).

    P2. OMG, our fu is on splitsider.com and in the NY Times! Get me some dang names right now, will ya honey?

    P3. In the past 10 years, we've featured quite a few well-known comics (if you're a well-known female comic please place an asterisk in the subject line of your application so we won't waste our time sorting through ALL of the other ones) and we list all 8 of them here. That's almost 1 each year!

    P4. we're skipping this paragraph 'cause we feel like it and if you don't like it you're a loud-mouthed New Yorker.

    P5. Having said that, they know what an honor it is to perform here so we don't have to pay them but sometimes people get hung up on money and rent and well, that's their karma. Still we are committed to paying the least possible while convincing acts and attendees that they are lucky to be here (with their money) and that this is the greatest show on earth (that other thing PT Barnum said).

    P6. In the meantime, please keep checking our website to see if we've added anyone and make sure to click the ads when you're there. 'Preciate it.