The Triumphant Return of Norm Macdonald

Here’s some great news: Norm Macdonald is returning to TV. Comedy Central just picked up the creatively titled Sports Show with Norm Macdonald for an eight-episode run starting in April. Here’s the official synopsis:

Sports Show with Norm Macdonald will feature Macdonald’s unique and comedic take on the most topical and controversial stories from the sports world. Taped in front of a live studio audience, the fast-paced and informative show will cover all sports — from the popular to the obscure — delivered with Macdonald’s unforgettable style, reminiscent of his hugely popular run as SNL’s Weekend Update anchor.

So it’ll be a 30 minute monologue on sports every week? I think I’d be OK with that. It’s also sort of strange that this will be Comedy Central’s second comedy sports show, along with The Onion Sports Network. But I imagine Norm’s show will be a hell of a lot different than that, so I’m sure they can peacefully co-exist.

Now, just because, here’s a YouTube clip called “The Best of Norm Macdonald” to remind you of why you should be excited about this:

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