Monday, March 21st, 2011

Allison Silverman Recreates the Story of Julian Assange, Terrible Houseguest

Former Colbert Report head writer Allison Silverman had friends who allowed WikiLeaks head honcho Julian Assange to crash on their couch for a couple of days in what turned out to be a real ordeal. That guy is just not too concerned with how his actions affect other people, it turns out! So naturally, she had them record the story and then reenacted it using friends such as Colbert writers Michael Brumm and Peter Gwinn and Get Your War On creator David Rees as actors. It is really great!

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  • http://www.twitter.com/becca_oneal Rebecca O'Neal

    Yiiiiikes! The friend's description of Julian Assange is kind of amazing.

  • quizmasterchris

    What a hack job. The Daily Show & Colbert have been downplaying the value of Wikileaks for a while but this is a new low. Complaint #1 is that Assange took up the whole couch & didn't catch on to your non-verbal body language about that? Seriously?! Not the way things worked at Swarthmore, or was it Oberlin where you wrung your hands & whined for 4 years? And you THINK he MIGHT have eaten your leftovers? Wowsers. What a long, strange trip you were on… maybe Peter Jackson could make it into 3 movies. This still might be more credible than the 'rape' charges. With 'liberal' friends like these, who needs enemies?

    • the bluest fedora

      You sound like a sanctimonious prick who steals spaghetti.

  • quizmasterchris
  • quizmasterchris

    Don't you mean you think I sound like a sanctimonious prick who you THINK MIGHT HAVE stolen spaghetti, but you're not sure, which isn't going to stop you from complaining about it in public? As for "sanctimonious", I'm not the one complaining about Assange's sex life. And, for the record, what I wrote is funnier than the video.