Gil Ozeri Is Watching 62 Hours of Two and a Half Men Straight

Comedian Gil Ozeri wants to punish himself. That’s the only explanation that I can think of for the stunt he’s kicking off today: Two and a Half Days of Two and a Half Men. Planned before the recent Sheen meltdown/explosion, Ozeri explains his plan thusly:

Charlie Sheen is the highest paid actor on television.
It is the most watched comedy on TV.
It’s also a crutch for every comedian when they need to reference the worst thing on tv.

I have also never seen a single episode.

Now, I’m assuming that “Two and a Half Men” is a steaming pile of dog shit. But I don’t want to make any “judgments” before I see it.

My plan is to videotape myself watching every single episode of “Two and a Half Men” (around 177 episodes) in a single sitting. Now for the remarkable part. At 21 minutes per episode, this roughly equates to 62 hours, or appropriately and amazingly, it equates to a running time of exactly: Two and a Half Days!

Hence — Two and a Half Days of Two and a Half Men.

The whole masochistic thing kicks off around noon today. He’ll be live broadcasting it over on Yowie, and you can expect friends such as Paul Scheer, Brett Gelman, Curtis Gwinn, John Gemberling, Paul Rust, Jon Daly as well as some porn stars to come by and watch an episode or two with him. It’s all being produced by Funny or Die, who will make a short about the entire thing once the weekend is over and Gil is pronounced either dead or insane.

Good luck, Gil! Better you than me.

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