Looking Back at The Week in Comedy

The first trailer for Super, Rainn Wilson’s super hero dark comedy, was released.
Twitter up and invented a birthday for Bart Simpson and then proceeded to celebrate it.
-We talked to longtime Conan writer Brian Stack.
-We talked about the lasting influence of The Larry Sanders Show.
-Jimmy Fallon and Jon Stewart joined Colbert in one of the weirdest episodes of The Colbert Report yet.
-We talked about whether or not it’s OK to use the word “retarded” in comedy.
-We looked at some of the roles John Belushi almost played.
-We took a fresh look at the wonderful The Cable Guy.
-The birth of modern Jewish humor was pinpointed to July 3, 1661.

And as usual, here are your Top Five Web Comedy Videos of the Week:

Troopers: Force Field

Eddie Decker: Bjorn Standing Up

The Tron Lebowski

Crocodile Tears with Topher Grace & Dan Fogler

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