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The Lonely Island’s New Album To Drop Into Our Baby Sparrow Mouths May 10

Despite being raised on Weird Al and Adam Sandler, I’ve never been a fan of musical comedy. The notes, they’re so distracting!  So it’s a testament to their superb quality that my heart thrilled to hear The Lonely Island has announced their new album Turtleneck and Chain will drop May 10. It’ll be a little over two years since their previous album Incredibad, which brought us “Lazy Sunday” and “Dick In A Box,” as well as served up cameos by T-Pain, Justin Timberlake and, of course, Norah Jones in February 2009. If you weren’t looking forward to the guys’ new jams, might I remind you of a tiny glistening gem entitled “The Creep”? And they would dance.

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