You Should Probably Watch Eagleheart Tonight

Have you been watching Eagleheart on Adult Swim? If you haven’t checked it out yet, tonight’s episode, entitled “Death Punch,” sounds like a good one to start off with. Here’s what Jason Woliner, who wrote and directed tonight’s episode, told me about it:

Death Punch is hands down my favorite episode of Eagleheart. It was the actually the first episode we shot but was deemed a little too aggressively strange to be used an introduction to the show. Well, it’s been five weeks, so hopefully America is ready! Fun fact: Chris Elliott complained not a single time after taking multiple “blood cannon blasts” to the face during the shooting of this episode.

Sold! Clocking in at only 15 minutes in length, there’s really no excuse for a DVR-owning comedy nerd to not be all up on this show. I know for a fact you aren’t that busy. For a fact. That there’s the cold open for tonight’s episode above, a Splitsider exclusive, so take a peek.

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