Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Bill Maher Accuses The Onion of Stealing a Joke They Did Six Months Before Him

I see The Onion stole my placenta joke that I did in Feb 2010 HBO specialless than a minute ago via OpenBeak Favorite Retweet Reply

Hey guys, maybe we should cool it with the accusations of joke plagiarism? It's pretty obvious that people come up with the same ideas separately sometimes, be they tiny hats or whatever else. And when you call someone out for stealing a joke that you made in February that they made the previous August, as Bill Maher did, you end up looking foolish and not a little bit sanctimonious. I mean, honestly, who in their right mind would accuse The Onion of joke theft? The Onion! Those guys infamously write dozens and dozens of potential headline jokes for every one that gets published! Trust me, Bill, they aren't skimming your old HBO specials for things to rip off. [via]

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  • Crackerjacker

    Accusations of joke plagarism will achieve critical mass in 2045 when Carlos Mencia will accuse everybody of stealing his bits, causing the comedy singularity – or "Jocularity" if you will.

  • JoshUng

    I'll give The Onion's main page a pass, but they do seem to do a lot of jokes similar to Sportspickle (ESPN Page 2's DJ Gallo) about a day or so after he did. I don't know how much (if any) is joke stealing or how much is just similar minds, but the Onion Sports has thrown digs at DJ Gallo in the past on their "Fan on the Street" column, so they can't claim they don't know him.

    But I think the real question isn't "Would the Onion steal a Bill Maher joke" but rather should be "Would ANYONE steal a Bill Maher joke?"

    • fnumbers

      @JoshUng LOL, my thoughts exactly; if your going to steal jokes, there's far better sources than that jabroni.

  • Mr Ignorant Thursday@twitter

    That misguided tweet is a lot funnier than his usual material.

  • RollSouth

    Proving once again that Bill Maher might not be the best at making jokes, but he really is good at being a dick.

  • grovberg

    Bill Maher is an ass. Even if you think he's funny (which he is occasionally) his primary role on all his shows is to be an ass.

  • fitbub

    I couldn't disagree more. I do stand up comedy and a joke is something your proud of and is a product of your work. What else does a comedian have? When you steal jokes you don't respect the profession and the work. He's right to call him out. Also, Bill Mahr is a very popular comedian with a national show on cable. It's not crazy to think that someone stole a joke from him.

    • Jason Farr@facebook

      @fitbub Huh? But if Maher had done some simple research he wouldn't seen that The Onion actually made the joke prior to his making it. So how does that mean he's right to call them out? Cause he's wrong?

  • Kevmo

    Bill Maher's a smug, self-satisfied chode who thinks he invented everything under the sun. I normally agree with his politics but he himself is such a repugnant human being that I can't even get on board when he says something I agree with.