Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Danny McBride Wants to Make "a Southern Godfather"

Here's the movie Danny McBride want's to make next, which would be based on a true story: "These rednecks robbed Loomis Fargo for over $17 million. And they would have gotten away with it, except they stayed in the town they were living in. They literally moved from trailers into the richest neighborhoods in town, lived like kings, bought their wives tit jobs. Jody wants to make it like a southern Godfather." Yep, I'm sold. [via]

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  • Alberto@twitter

    you got me at Danny McBride.

  • http://twitter.com/bradfordevans Bradford Evans

    Sounds amazing!

  • http://sorryyourheinous.tumblr.com/ sorry your heinous

    Why is that article missing several instances of the characters "ff"? I don't usually mention typos, but that's a new one for me. ["could a­ord it", "impossible to pull o­", "his stu"]