Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Low Standards with John and Matt, Episode 1: Cool Runnings

Here's the debut episode of Low Standards with John and Matt, our new web series that focuses on movies that don't get the love or attention they deserve. Starring John Murray and Matt Fisher and produced by CamLin Productions, I couldn't be more excited about this.

The first episode focuses on that John Candy classic, Cool Runnings. From awkward racial overtones to John Candy's magnificent bulk to the first modern slow clap, this movie had it all.

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  • Mark Chu Cheong@facebook

    This movie sported some of the worst Jamaican accents known to man. I'm looking at you Doug E. Doug.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jon-Bershad/8829871 Jon Bershad


    However, I certainly hope you guys give Porky's the respect it is due. That movie is a stone cold classic and, if it isn't treated as such, I may be forced to drop out only two episodes in and I really don't want to do that.

  • Another Sarah J

    ok, maybe i'm biased because cool runnings was one of the few movies we owned on tape as a kid and i wore this one out, but i totally love this movie, both in an ironic and serious way.

    i had no clue when watching as a kid, but the crash footage at the climax is real. So, there wasn't a miraculous slow clap, but they did at least walk down the ice with their sled (and an IOC official).

  • Megh Wright

    CHARGED! Love it.

  • Joe Reiner@facebook

    i am confused do john and matt like cool runnings? they didn't even point out the best part the fundraising Jamaican bob sled teama song

    i must have seen cool runnings 20 times and will watch whenever it is on

  • rcshowman

    So…we're going to levy the 'awkward racial humour' charge at them while forgetting that this movie is based on real events?

    • http://splitsider.com Adam Frucci

      @rcshowman Yeah, that fight in the country western bar and those frozen dreads snapping off definitely happened in real life.

    • rcshowman

      @Adam Frucci Apart being snide, that's what should've been said in the video. Calling out the filmmakers for minstrelization would be fair (and appropriate!) so long as there was admission that in fact a team of Jamaicans did compete in the Olympics in bobsled. But whatevah. This ain't a class on critical theory.

  • Gillian Lanyon@facebook

    I don't usually comment on anything outside of Google Reader, but this is AWESOME. The format is amazing and very entertaining. I think it's awesome that y'all Gawker alumnae are producing better content and playing around with format. And this format is killer. Well done!

  • Matt Fisher

    I took this movie to be basically the bible truth until I got to college and a professor straightened me out. We almost came to blows. In retrospect, the existence of a character named Sanka Coffee was a pretty serious clue that certain liberties were being taken.

  • Matt Finlin@facebook

    I managed to finally make contact with one of the stars of Cool Runnings

    Hi Matt,

    I knew my "staring down the barrel" scenes would bring attention to all movie reviewers! That is great stuff.

    Keep up the good work!


  • S Lin@twitter

    Matt Fisher is hot!