Ray Romano, James Spader Or Catherine Tate To Be Your New Michael Scott?

This economy practically guarantees that a host of qualified candidates will be available to be Michael Scott’s replacement. Well, that and the fact that it’s fictional world that can hold as many celebrity cameos as the budget will allow. Ray Romano, James Spader and Catherine Tate join The Office finale on May 19, potentially vying with Will Arnett and Ricky Gervais for the coveted role of branch manager of a paper distribution company. According to TVLine, of the five announced guest stars only Spader and British comedian Tate could realistically take over; both Romano and Arnett are already committed other projects, and given his history with the series, Gervais is unlikely to return for more of the same (though I think having David Brent take over would be amazing). Either way, here’s hoping they just add more and more guest stars to the hour-long episode until there are 60 possible replacements we only get to see for a minute. Well, 42 with commercials.

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