Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Fox Renews Both Family Guy and The Cleveland Show

Fox has officially renewed both Family Guy and The Cleveland Show for another season. They had already put in a renewal order for American Dad, so the Seth MacFarlane extremely-similar-animated-shows trifecta remains intact. Hey, remember when Fox cancelled Family Guy in 2002 and you weren't really sure who MacFarlane was?

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  • OrtizDupri

    AKA the good old days.

  • fnumbers

    Yeah, I still enjoy Family guy from time to time, but the other two, it's too much of the same. There must be heaps of Seth MacFarlane fanatics out there for all three of his shows to get renewed. They must have the manatees working overtime.

  • Joshua Kurp

    Still think that American Dad! is the best of the bunch. It's the opposite of Family Guy, a show that people liked at the beginning and now everyone hates. American Dad!, on the other hand (and stupid exclamation aside), sucked in season one, but has become one of the more consistently funny shows on TV, largely because the writers ditched the politics' angle and amped up Roger's role.

    • JoshUng

      @Joshua Kurp I definitely agree, not only do they not try to shoehorn politics, they also don't rely on the those non sequiters like Family Guy, though I am a little surprised that American Dad! got picked up before Family Guy did.