Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

HBO's New Ad Is Strikingly Similar to a Comedy-Award-Nominated BriTANick Sketch

HBO's got some new ads out touting its HBO Go service, and the one above in particular seems to feature a familiar conceit. That's because it's nearly identical to BriTANick's Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer, which was nominated for a Comedy Award and has been viewed 6-7 million times. Check out their original video below to see the similarities for yourself.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gordon-McAlpin/502414362 Gordon McAlpin

    I don't think anyone got ripped off here. Sometimes more than one people have similar ideas… and it's not that original of an idea in the first place. (I did something similar in a comic strip about four years ago, myself.)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Danbury-Shakes/100001498298066 Danbury Shakes

    See Schizopolis by Steven Soderbergh.


  • robm

    It's a pretty broad, adaptable concept I've seen a few times before. Off the top of my head, Jon Stewart did a version of this joke with award show presentational banter as one of his essays in Naked Pictures of Famous People. And This American Life had a "40 Acts in 60 Minutes" episode (or some number like that) based on a regular Chicago theatre show that similarly filled an evening with very short plays, and when TAL played audio of one of short plays, it was this concept applied to an argument ("awkward laughter, awkward laughter…" "ACCUSATION ABOUT YOUR SEXUALITY!").

    I think the Jon Stewart one even has a mention about music swelling, just like the BriTANick and HBO ones do.

  • http://labelsinprogress.com tenthrow

    This actually reminds me more of the Mitchell and Webb Look sketch about the medical drama.