Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Nathan Lane to Play a Guy Who Looks Like Nathan Lane But Isn't Nathan Lane

OK, the synopsis for the upcoming USA comedy On We Go is pretty amazing: "A single-camera comedy starring Nathan Lane as an unlucky actor whose career has been perpetually cursed by the fact that he resembles, but is in fact not, Nathan Lane." SOLD. I don't need to hear anything else about this, I love it.

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  • Luke Donatelli@twitter

    Pretty sure it's "On We Go", not "Here We Go", per the link. #corrections

    But, yeah, that sounds great.

    • Adam Frucci

      @Luke Donatelli@twitter Oooops, so it is. Thanks for the heads up!

  • HerooftheBeach

    Wow, does this mean the "Actor playing a sad version of himself" mini-genre (Being John Malkovich, JCVD, Cold Souls, Louie) has turned the corner already? The premise is definitely brilliant here, though.