Friday, May 20th, 2011

Nick Offerman Is Thankful for Megan Mullally, Is Exceedingly Adorable

It's hard not to build a mythology around Parks and Rec's Nick Offerman when he just keeps overperforming as a human being like this. In an interview with E! Online, Offerman replied to a question about how much his wife Megan Mullally has influenced his career by saying: "Meeting Megan pretty much made my life amazing. I was pretty happy biding my time looking for my dream job, and she by far is the most supportive element of my life. She really always kept my confidence up and she coaches me in my auditions. When I finally got the part of Ron Swanson, I was so grateful all of these other crappy TV shows that I had tested for [didn't hire me]—I was like, thank God, the universe saved me for this job. I could not have written a part that was so much my dream part. I could not have even fathomed that it exists." Allergies! I poked my eye with a pencil! My tear ducts don't operate properly! Don't look at me!

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  • A.W.J.

    Megan Mullally? Oh, you mean that pig who brought down that entire production of "Lips Together, Teeth Apart" and ruined Patton Oswalt's Broadway debut because she can't handle the idea of someone treading the boards who wasn't trained in theatre?

    • rjmae

      @A.W.J. You know you might want to get your facts straight, instead of just going by gossip, before slamming someone. It has since come out that the story you just related was all made up to protect someone else. Have you ever heard Megan or Patton personally say anything bad about each other, no. Dig a little deeper, you might actually find the real truth, instead of just believing the lies that were first spread.

  • golfboyu

    I too find this adorable. They seem to have a great marriage. Plus, they are terrific on screen together. They need to do more things together. Oh, A.W.J., rjmae is correct. The story you are referring to (and so eloquently embellished with your name calling), is not true. You have a woman whom everyone that has ever worked with has loved, and a director who is notorious for being extremely hard to work for. Hmm, who do you think sounds like the one to cause problems?

  • A.W.J.

    Explain away this monstrosity: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPpsyqC_AbE

    • rjmae

      @A.W.J. First off, I like this. She has a great voice and she did it to have fun. Second of all, what does that have to do with the false rumor about Lips Together. If you don't like her then fine, you don't like her. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, but don't go around repeating rumor and spewing names just because you don't agree with what the article was about. Why even read it in the first place if it was about someone you don't care for.