Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Wonderful: Fozzie Bear on WTF with Marc Maron

This cartoon by Skottie Young is pretty much perfect. He's selling the original drawing, too, if you're interested. Own something that will probably cause Maron to go into a shame spiral! That sort of value is hard to come by. [via]

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  • http://sorryyourheinous.tumblr.com/ sorry your heinous

    I want to know the backstory. What kind of an asshole was Marc to Fozzie when they were both starting out in Boston?

  • Darrell Dawson

    Yeah, I know Gonzo

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Caroline-Anderson/731041782 Caroline Anderson

    You have no idea how badly I wish this was a series. Fozzie on Never Not Funny. Fozzie on Bang Bang. Fozzie on DLM. Fozzie on Nerdist (which I think he's actually been on, right?). Get on this, artists of the world!

  • http://jonaspolsky.tumblr.com/ Jonas Polsky

    "Are you going to tell Kermit to do the podcast?"