Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Zach Galifianakis Probably Hates You

Zach Galifianakis's Time article opens with the comedian living for two weeks in his Subaru on the streets of L.A. (later, he camped out in an Audi) and ends with Galifianakis actively repulsed by the fans that made him famous. "My whole attitude is, You can't think of funny s— yourself? You have to come watch me?" Galifiankis says, explaining a bit that invariably ends with him screaming at an audience member to shut up. Despite his massive success on the heals of The Hangover, Galifianakis continues to evolve as a prickly, complicated comedian, a performer who loves his family and operates from a clear moral center, when not threatening to rape a loud audience member or informing his gawking fans that his mother is actually a prostitute. Says Galifianakis, "Being popular is poison. My mom and dad are like, 'You're not enjoying any of this.' I say, 'It's your fault for not raising me to be superficial.'" Says Hangover director Todd Phillips, "He has a hate-hate relationship with his audience. Comedy is about the unexpected. That's about as surprising a thing as you can do — hate being loved."

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  • Jamie Newman@facebook

    I had him write a column for 2 issues of a Magazine i was editor of in '05 before anyone really knew him, and he was a very nice, and gracious dude. Funny and bizarre for sure, but so am I. Also, his stand-up with a piano is amazing, I hope he still hits the road with that material..

  • HerooftheBeach

    Presumably he doesn't hate us quite so much, since comedy nerds tend to be able to amuse themselves pretty well, but I really hope his attitude doesn't lead to an early retirement. It's hard to keep performing when you have such contempt for your audience.

  • http://ChadRiden.com Chad Riden

    saw him in atlanta when the CoC taped the "Patton vs. Zach vs. Alcohol.." ep. After the show Zach was on the phone walking around the club and my buddy pantomime asked him to sign his show flier and Zach signed it, "I (heart) pussy" – he smiled really big and walked away, still on the phone.

  • Fred Flux

    Z Knight will steal your girlfriend and your socks, but probably not in that order.