Friday, August 26th, 2011

Enjoy The Best Joke Of The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Okay, so what do you think about Edinburgh Fringe Festival's funniest joke? Submitted by comedian Nick Helm, the public voted "I needed a password eight characters long so I picked Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" to be the most knee-slappingest. Comedian Paul Daniels won the prize for the year's worst with his joke "I said to a fella 'Is there a B&Q in Henley?' He said 'No, there's an H, an E, an N an L and a Y'," which is probably actually a lot funnier not knowing what the hell he's taking about.

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  • http://asianniceguy.com El Sabor Asiático

    (1) UK humor is very often hilarious, but their standup comedy and "jokes" are like something from the 1950s.

    (2) This is just another example of why the best comedy is never the most popular comedy.

  • Linus Lee@facebook

    A little bit of context for U.S. readers:

    A) This poll of "Best joke of the fringe" is run by a basic cable channel in the UK that mainly airs re-runs of old sitcoms.

    B) Many of the comedians who get a joke on the shortlist for the "Best joke of the fringe" also appear on the "Worst joke of the fringe" shortlist as well.

    C) Brits love puns and wordplay. It's deeply ingrained in the national psyche. Don't pity them, don't try to change them, just try to accept it as a cultural quirk like spanking fetishes, and try not to judge.

  • http://lamvardharpoon.com/ Lamvard Harpoon

    B&Q is like Home Depot.

    Here's the only other B&Q joke I've heard during my time in the UK:
    I got arrested for assault in B&Q yesterday – an assistant asked me if I wanted decking, so I got in the first punch.

    I'll keep you posted if there are any further B&Q gags.