Monday, September 26th, 2011

Anna Faris, Ben Stiller Announced As October SNL Hosts

With Melissa McCarthy and Lady Antebellum stopping by 30 Rock this Saturday, NBC announced today Ben Stiller and Anna Faris as SNL hosts for the October 8 and October 15 shows respectively. Stiller will be paired with musical guest Foster The People, and Faris with Drake. Both will be returning for their second hosting gig, and then hopefully many more until they're all locked into a grim battle royale against an elderly Alec Baldwin. I look forward to it.

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  • Jason Farr@facebook

    Cool. I was wondering if Stiller would host again after seeing him in that cameo. That was his first time back since that falling out he had with Marci Klein back in 2001. He was supposed to host then. I'm sure everyone has read "Live From New York" so I'll stop talking.

    • iamjustryingtolive

      @Jason Farr@facebook DON'T STOP!!! i have been wondering for a long time why Stiller hasn't done more snl (confession before article thought he never hosted). I had weird theories that Lorne Michaels hated him? Stiller hated Michaels for not seeing his gift and putting him on snl? I'd love to know more about this bc Ben Stiller Show changed the game for sketch comedy (imo). Why didn't Lorne snatch up Stiller?

    • Megh Wright

      @iamjustryingtolive Lorne did snatch up Stiller, he was a SNL writer/featured player very briefly in the late 80s, just a few years before The Ben Stiller Show.