Thursday, September 29th, 2011

It's Always Sunny's David Hornsby Is a Comedy Machine

Just a warning before you read David Hornsby's New York Times profile: you're probably going to feel like a huge pile of laziness when you're through with it. “I’m like a decathlete without the body,” Hornsby explains. “I have literally had the thought lately: ‘Geez, I wish I didn’t have to sleep.” Which would free up a lot of free time, considering that Hornsby is currently Rickety Cricket on It's Always Sunny, the star and head writer for CBS' upcoming How to Be a Gentleman, co-creator and voice actor for FX's new show Unsupervised and a voice on Nickelodeon's Fanboy and Chum Cum. Oh, and last week Hornsby also had a baby. But who has time for human concerns? Hearts are for pumping blood to move your hands to make more jokes, not for feelings!

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  • Jason Reddish@facebook

    Chum cum? Nickelodeon sure has come a long way from You Can't Do That on Television.

  • Nick Taylor@twitter

    Holy shit…Fanboy and Chum Cum? Please Google tell me that's…oh thank god, it's Chum Chum. False alarm everybody.