Not Surprisingly, It Was Fun Filming Party Down

Confirming the theory that everything about the experience of making Party Down was awesome, Jane Lynch describes shooting the first episode in her memoir:

“In June of 2007, we all got together at Rob [Thomas]‘s house in the Hollywood Hills and shot the first episode of Party Down. Because they were paying for it themselves, the pilot was shot on a shoestring budget. Between shots we all hung out in Rob’s bedroom getting to know each other and laughing a lot. I’ve found that doing something for fun and almost for free (we each got $100 for the day) can bring out the best in people. Plus, there’s nothing like undressing in front of folks you just met to inspire humility and togetherness.”

Constance Carmell would probably back you up about that undressing thing, Jane. Also, while I’m addressing you directly, I hope your memoir includes a fan-fiction chapter where Constance, Sue Sylvester, and Christy Cummings from Best in Show all hang out together.

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