Friday, September 16th, 2011

Wow: Fox Is Considering an All-Simpsons Channel

Finally, an excuse to stop watching so much Cake Boss: Fox is considering creating a cable channel that would be all The Simpsons, all the time. My 13-year-old self just passed out from excitement.

Seeing as the show is set to hit the 500 episode mark in the upcoming season and show no signs of stopping anytime soon, they certainly have enough material to fill the schedule. Based on some back-of-the-envelope math done by Slashfilm, with 500 episodes to pull from they'd go 11 days of 24/7 programming before showing a repeat. 11 days! Who's up for a marathon?

The idea is still a few years out from becoming a reality, if it ever does, thanks to in-place syndication deals that need to expire before Fox can rebroadcast all the episodes themselves. But eventually, hopefully, you'll be able to watch your favorite episodes of The Simpsons for the 15th time on a dedicated channel. Now, just because, here's a clip of Homer eating a waffle that was stuck to the ceiling:

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  • Joshua Kurp

    Let's just say this idea moved me…TO A BIGGER TV.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Caroline-Anderson/731041782 Caroline Anderson

    Obviously, I would watch this all the time and nothing else.

    But I'm not sure why people are still investing money into niche cable channels when new media has been so much more successful. Granted, it's harder to monetize a website than a channel, but I'll hear from people who work for "specialty channels" (Fuel and G4 specifically) how tough it is and how they're always having to artistically compromise to reach a broader audience. Isn't the whole point to appeal to a specific audience?

    So yes, fill my TV with all the Milhouse you've got. But I don't get it. I don't get why advertisers don't take advantage of the internet more. I don't get why cable shows that the internet gets boners over (Breaking Bad, Mad Men) do so much more poorly than ones the internet mocks (Rizzoli & Isles, Burn Notice). I don't get why people think that making MORE cable channels is the answer.

  • http://anthonycomedy.wordpress.com Anthony Scibelli

    In the words of Bart Simpson: "Cowabunga."

  • Anthony Coro

    I have all the DVDs and have seen every episode from the first 8 seasons countless times but I would totally watch this. Although I'd hope it would be more than just the episodes–newly created docs, showing episodes with commentary (I always want to listen to them but when I need a Simpsons fix I typically just go for the actual episode), maybe showcasing Futurama…I dunno. I just don't want it to be, like, TVScheduleBot3000 determines what random episode you're going to watch at any given moment and that's it.

  • Tim Chuma

    Local free-to air channel screened the show twice a day and couldn't even manage a month without going back to a first-season episode. Pah!

  • EXP +1

    I was seriously saying something like this was going to be the future of television. Networks that run a single show exclusively. Now if only they gave you control of the network itself (Play episode X) though that would create too much choice (seriously, the point of reruns is watching whats on… if you had a choice, you'd probably prefer to watch something that isn't a rerun rather than think to yourself hey which one of these episodes have I seen the least/could see for the 30th time)

    That does sound pretty cool though if they showed not only episodes, but related material like interviews, behind the scenes, the movie, etc.

  • Mike Schexnayder@twitter

    Thanks for posting that video, that was the first time I have laughed at the Simpsons in about 5 years.
    Now I am going to half to dust off my dvds of the first eight seasons, better know as "the good years".

  • superberg

    I would leave this channel running in the background when there was nothing else to watch, but I don't have cable. A Simpsons channel will not be enough to get me to drop the insane amount of money Comcast thinks their product is worth.