Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Oh God, Finally: Judy Greer Is Developing Her Own Sitcom for ABC

Judy Greer, who is absolutely hilarious in pretty much everything she's done, including a whole bunch of terrible things in which she is the only ray of light, is finally getting her own show. She's developing it for ABC, and she'll produce and star in it. It'll be "inspired by [her] life where she moved from Los Angeles for the man she loves and found herself raising stepchildren and making new friends in a small suburban town." I did not have any idea that she left LA for the suburbs to raise stepchildren with her man! But I am looking forward to her turning that into comedy on the TV.

For real, is there anyone funnier out there who has suffered through so much badness as Judy Greer? She's amazing on Arrested Development and Archer, yes, but she was also in 27 Dresses, The Village, and Marmaduke. She's currently doing an arc on Two and a Half Men, for god's sake! It's time to give her a platform to kick ass every week, and here's hoping this show is that platform.

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  • TuchmanMarsh

    ABC previously gave her a show in 2008 called Miss Guided (that co-starred Chris Parnell, among others). It was OK, so here's hoping that this one is better and lasts longer.

  • iamjustryingtolive

    i get mad whenever i see a romantic comedy bc she's always playing second fiddle. I heard Miss Guided was great, i think it had Parnell in it too. Hopefully, Kitty will scratch out a hit!