Friday, October 7th, 2011

Very Important Data: Our Parks and Rec/Party Down/Childrens Hospital/The League Venn Diagram

We recently found a venn diagram showing how the casts and guest stars of Arrested Development, Parks and Rec, and 30 Rock intersect. It was very cool, but also it made us think: we can go crazier with this. So allow me to present you with the Parks and Rec/Party Down/Childrens Hospital/The League cast and guest stars venn diagram, showing just how incestuous our favorite comedies really are. It also notes which people are involved with UCB, Earwolf, The State and Human Giant, showing even more overlap and cross-pollination.

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  • Kai@twitter

    Adding NTSF:Sd:SUV might result in head 'splosion.

  • Matt Visconage

    Bradford you have officially won at all Venn Diagrams.

    • Joshua Kurp

      @Matt Visconage And the Internet.

  • C.J. Arabia@facebook

    Mather Zickel's new show "Man Up" premieres this Tuesday Oct. 18th on ABC at 8:30pm and there's going to be even more crossover.