Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Colin Quinn Is Not Having a Good Day

Has Colin Quinn's Twitter been hacked? Is he doing a super-subtle longform joke? Or is he seriously this upset about Will Ferrell's Mark Twain Award? This afternoon, Quinn Twitter-accused Ferrell of stealing his jokes at SNL and having a drug problem, and also claims to have been the actual "shot-caller" on SNL.

Update: So we miiight have not gotten the joke. Thanks, ever-alert readers, for pointing out that Quinn does this kind of thing pretty often to get a rise out of his followers. Apologies for the false alarm.

All Tweets below (read from the bottom up):

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  • Robin@twitter

    Wow. Drunk tweeting is a bad idea.

  • Mario Monrroy@facebook

    Anyone who's been following Colin Quinn for the past couple of weeks knows he's been doing a bit. He's been intentionally making people angry with his ridiculous posts then retweeting all the insults he gets. C'mon Splitsider.

  • Mark Nealon@facebook

    Seriously, Hallie? He's been doing stuff like this for the last month or so. Check out his timeline from the last few weeks, it's hilarious.

  • fwf

    Check his newer retweet, which praises the fact that he was able to troll Splitsider. Embarrassing — if Mario Lopez or Dr. Drew did this then I could see being confused…but this is Colin Quinn. Maybe take a quick peak at his past tweets.

  • http://www.everythingyoulikeisstupid.com/ everythingyoulikeisstupid

    You'd think a comedy news website would be able to see a completely obvious joke / troll for what it is.

  • Brandon Wardell@twitter

    Hacked? Camman.

  • Robin@twitter

    In defense of Hallie, you are assuming that Hallie would WANT to follow him in general, much less over the last few weeks. Colin Quinn is mediocre at best, and doing this to "dupe" comedy sites is a dick move.

    • http://www.everythingyoulikeisstupid.com/ everythingyoulikeisstupid

      @Robin@twitter You didn't get it either, huh?

    • http://slaneofthought.tumblr.com Kevin Slane

      @Robin@twitter In defense of Splitsider, this story is going to get clicks regardless of whether they originally understood his intent, and now that they realize it, they put a note at the end of the post.

      Robin, I really doubt Quinn's intent was to dupe comedy sites. I'd be willing to bet that they're not typically on his radar. His real target was the Twitterverse, aka the only internet community more gullible than Yahoo News commenters.

    • Robin@twitter

      @Kevin Slane I thought he tweeted something about Splitsider? Regardless, that goes to show I don't follow him on twitter nor do I think I ever want to.

  • DudebroDMB@Twitter

    (Insert unjustified indignation here)

  • http://www.seanandmeghan.net sean oconnor

    @Robin@twitter you are so wrong.

  • http://www.everythingyoulikeisstupid.com/ everythingyoulikeisstupid

    @Robin@twitter You didn't get it either, huh?

  • Robin@twitter

    One can still "get" something and not find it entertaining/funny.