Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

NBC Drops Community, World Over

This is the end of days. As you've probably heard, shrieked in disbelief, and then gently murmured over and over as you wept yourself to sleep last night, Community is not on NBC's midseason schedule. As we heard might happen, Up All Night was moved to Thursdays after The Office, and 30 Rock is coming back, which is great. But saying that you're getting rid of Community to make room for 30 Rock is like asking us to choose which parent we want to live with, and then not even letting us choose. Or maybe it's nothing like that. But I'm still gonna have a temper tantrum about it. It's not faiiir!

Apparently NBC has "vowed" that Community will return at a later date. WHATEVER. I don't care. Just drive me to the mall.

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  • Anthony Coro

    Ooh, that's not nice. Have fun leading off Wednesdays, you stupid dumb step-parent Whitney! I hope you die!

    NBC should try an experiment by swapping Community and Whitney and seeing what happens–does Whitney actually have an audience or is it entirely dependent on its Office lead-in?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tim-Graffam/1409671705 Tim Graffam

    This is truly tragic news, but is something I've been worrying about for the last several weeks as the viewership numbers have continued to drop. This season has definitely been one of the "silliest" yet – which I've loved! – but probably makes it all the easier for those "mainstreamers" to throw it to the chopping block.

    I fear our beloved Community is on borrowed time at this point.

    Just the thought that something as terrible as Whitney or, you know, the entire CBS line up, is raking in 10's-100's of millions of viewers and this will be inevitably be cancelled makes me lose a little hope in the world.

  • itsonreserve

    I'm REAAALLLLLYYYYY hoping that "Are You There God It's Me, Chelsea" is as bad as it looks/the members of our society are somehow wrenched from the spell of gentle stupidity and it is swiftly cancelled making a nice spot for the remaining community episodes. Considering "Whitney" is still around that's probably a sad dream I will never see.

  • Mike S

    That's funny, Anthony, Whitney immediately lept to mind. It makes me nauseous to consider how rewarding nearly every episode of Community has been to me while in stark contrast, I've spent entire episodes of Whitney not laughing even once. If she is the reason Community is going away, I just… well… grrr.

  • Lisa Dupree@facebook

    My friends and I have decided to wear felt beards in protest of this darkest timeline.

  • Nochum Waldroop@twitter

    Somehow I feel that if Dan Harmon took the show to FX they'd let him have some more fun with it, a la Louie or Always Sunny (two shows that seem to have been given tons of freedom).
    C'mon, Community! What do you need NBC for?

  • http://videoshare.tumblr.com Firas Alexander

    Real dick move by NBC and the viewing public. Don't want to see this show go out this way. I mean you can tell they have a lot more story to tell and jokes to make. What a complete bummer.

  • http://www.shutupshelley.net/ Shelley

    There's no point in having Christmas this year.

    Though I don't usually find myself agreeing with catch phrases quoted on Twitter, NBC really Britta'd this up.

    This show is so brilliant and creative and fun. I have yet to hear about anyone who has given this show their time and not really liked it. If you can't find a way to monetize a show that's this entertaining, maybe the problem isn't with the show.

  • Brooks

    I think this show is overrated, but NBC has shit like Whitney, and people watch Two and a Half Men somehow, making me wonder how this ever got dropped.