Monday, November 7th, 2011

Dana Carvey Is A Contender To Host Live! With Regis and Kelly

Dana Carvey is in the running to replace Regis Philbin on Live! With Regis and Kelly. I assume his audition was just a full-on Regis impression? I guess if he gets it, they'd call the show Live! With Dana and Kelly, which sounds unbearably weird and unfamiliar. Then again, remember when it was Regis and Kathie Lee and Kelly was the name that sounded weird? The world just never stops changing.

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  • MookieFL

    I think it would be terrific if he did the impression on the show every day for 30 years, then passed the torch to somebody else who would keep doing Regis. It would always be called "Live With Regis and…" I'd watch the shit out of that. Were I unemployed, that is.