Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Emma Stone and Fred Armisen Speak Without Speaking in SNL Promos

I can't explain the connection that Emma Stone and Fred Armisen make in these SNL promos. Sometimes, there's just so much to be said, and it can't be said in words. It can only be said in tiny movements of the eyes and mouth. Like I'll quiver my nostrils and that means, "I can't believe I've found someone as amazing as you in this crazy world," or you'll scratch your eyebrow and that means, "I'm not saying this out loud because Baron Von Diesenschmarrn can't know our plan to escape from his nefarious deathtrap, but on the count of three, you cut the red wire and I'll take him out with my jet ray gun."

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  • Carl Hess@twitter

    Dear NBC: Don't put commercials in front of what is basically a commercial for your own show. It's tacky.