Louis C.K. Explains The Motivation Behind Releasing His Special Himself

Louis C.K. explained the reasoning behind his decision to release his new standup special on his website through PayPal, saying that cable channels are unwilling to promote the special if there’s nothing in it for them. Netflix and iTunes, on the other hand, require a credit card account in good standing.

…everything in your wallet represents all these contentious relationships with these huge companies. If you want to watch one of my specials on Netflix, they start marketing to you, and you start getting Jeff Dunham ads. You try to read an article about Rwanda and a pop-up comes up for Larry the Cable Guy. “Hey, I heard you enjoyed Louie’s special – now we know who you are.”

You can’t put an old black-and-white TV set on your kitchen table and turn it on and watch something. You can’t throw on a record and listen to music. You have to belong to something. The idea was, let’s just make a thing where you stick your five dollars in a slot, and enjoy the show.

He makes some good points! You make something cool, I give you money, I enjoy the cool thing. Simple.

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