Paul Feig Explains Why Bridesmaids Won’t Win an Oscar

Paul Feig is not so optimistic about Bridesmaids’ Oscar chances. As he explains it, awards tend to be given to the showy stuff, and the strength of a comedy like Bridesmaids lies precisely in its un-showiness.

Our movie’s tone is very grounded. We also did a lot of stuff off-script to capture lightning-in-a-bottle improv moments that you can’t re-create. All of this doesn’t afford me much latitude as a filmmaker. With comedy, you just can’t get too showy. Nobody loves doing the fun stuff with the camera more than I do, but that’s just me showing off and takes people out of the story. It’s much harder to figure out the flow and pace of a comedy.

But there’s always a chance that the Academy will suddenly declare a separate category for comedies starting this year, right? I mean, it’s still POSSIBLE. In the sense that actual pigs flying is possible. (There could easily be a genetic mutation that gives a pig wings. It could totally happen. Or maybe a pig could have sex with a bird and produce a flying pig. I’m not a scientist, okay?)

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