Friday, November 18th, 2011

Sarah Vowell Joins The Daily Show As a Contributor

Meet The Daily Show's newest contributor, This American Life's Sarah Vowell. She joins the show just in time to school us about the most important holiday coming up, Evacuation Day. It's essential viewing for anyone who's sick of seeing those "Mayflower-cruising, Jesus freak corn rustlers" get all the credit this time of year. Pilgrims have had a free ride in the history books for too long, with their dumb buckled hats and refusal to share the spotlight with anyone. More like PIG-grims, right? Right!

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  • FubarGuy

    Saw this clip the other night when it aired, she's a riot! I believe she's been a guest a few times also, pimping a few of her books and I thought even then that she'd make a great addition to their "correspondents" stable. Kudos for keeping it fresh Stewart & Co.