Monday, December 5th, 2011

Dane Cook on His Louie Scene and How He's A Hipster Comic

Dane Cook continues to shift into the next phase of his career by reflecting on the past. Here's his take on why so many comics aren't a fan:

I think a lot of the animosity is because I’m actually, at my core, one of those hipster comics. I am one of those alt-guys. I speak their language. I was just as outcast-worthy as any of them. But I broke through on a mainstream level. I started to use that kind of alt-y mentality of like, “I’m just going to hang out up here. It’s not going to be rehearsed.” I don’t rehearse. I don’t write my jokes down. I get up here and I play. And that’s really the central delight of the whole alternative movement at that time.

Cook's jokes feel pretty rehearsed to me, but hey, the spirit of play is a great sentiment, so I'm not knockin' him. He also talks about how the script for his confrontation with Louis C.K. on Louie was "a remarkable piece of art." Opining about how artistically great Louie is? Maybe he really is one of us.

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  • http://asianniceguy.com El Sabor Asiático

    Dane Cook's like punk, except he's a comic!

  • Dannigan Hannigan@facebook

    He's punk like New Found Glory is punk.

  • Colin Perkins

    At this point people taking apart and shitting on Dane Cook is far more lame and unoriginal than he ever could be.

    • Nick S

      @Colin Perkins Even lamer still: defending him!

  • Colin Perkins

    @Nick S:

    Lamer-er still: Not understanding what I'm saying.

    I'm not defending him. In fact, nobody is. So, the whole "I hate Dane Cook" conversation is just one big posturing circle jerk at this point. There is no debate or interesting viewpoints being offered. Just a bunch of "Dane Cook blows" echos.

  • Richard Martinez@facebook

    Sounds like a bunch jealous women on the rag fighting over the last tampon in the vending machine. Seriously? Who's still throwing damage at him for his success? Does he steal jokes? Who gives a shit. He broke open to the mainstream via the web. And THAT, folks, will be a major marker for him. So everyone STFU and GTFO.

  • Pulse

    Let's be honest here, Dane Cook became popular because women like him. He's not ugly, he's in good shape, and he's moderately entertaining. He makes(takes) jokes geared specifically towards women and they find it hilarious and charming. The only reason ANY artist gets mainstream success is if women like it. Things that men like take 50 years to become mainstream… sports, fantasy sports, video games, etc. Those things are all extremely mainstream but they took forever to become so. One book club about "The Help" and it's the hottest thing on the streets, son!

    • commentator

      I really like this comment.  I only just started watching Louie myself, and I had a short "I hate Dane Cook phase" a few years ago.  Then I sort of realized that I actually didn't, and I think many don't if they actually think through the whole thing.  I don't find him particularly funny, but there are lots of comments I've laughed less at and never "hated."  I think it stems partly from jealousy, this hatred of Dane.
      And think about it… guys are going to go to things women want to see, not the other way around, if I had to guess at why your hypothesis (which seems right to me) is right.