Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Eric Idle and John Cleese Are in a Fight and It's Ruining Everything

I see Yoko Idle's been moaning (again), about the royalties he had to pay the other Python's for Spamalot. Apparently he paid me "millions"
John Cleese

You know things are bad in the world when even Monty Python members are fighting. After Eric Idle kicked John Cleese out of Spamalot and noted that "It wasn’t mean — he’s had millions of dollars from it," Cleese tweeted references to "Yoko Idle." He argued (see below) that Idle's made $13 million from the show, but Cleese still hasn't seen a full million. Then Idle said that he "wouldn’t take £13 million to be married to [Cleese]" and Michael Palin and Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones started crying and asking if they could go live with their aunt because Eric and John won't stop yelling mean things and it's making their tummies hurt.

... actual rough figures last time we checked - Yoko Idle $13m, Michael Palin $1.1m, the others just under a million each...
John Cleese
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  • Ray Anselmo@twitter

    Grumpy Old British Men. They probably wouldn't be so angry if there were a few people on that island of theirs who could cook a decent meal …


    • Jonathan Richardson@twitter

      Considering how much of the time Cleese spends in the US, particularly of late, it's probably the US cooking that's made him bitter.

      PS – Brit chefs seem to be dominating at the moment and that suits my palette just fine :)

  • Just One Thing

    Everyone knows that Eric Idle is the worst Python.

  • mikep

    This is a shame. I liked Monty Python as a young man and to here this is a shame. Eric Idle wrote a song for The Life of Brian which says, "Life's ablessing, not a curse," and I think about this a lot.
    And John Cleese got hosed badly by his second wife. He should have stayed married to Connie Booth–they're still friends!

  • RonNasty64@twitter

    Don't forget that it was Yoko Idle who broke up the Rutles.

  • Gfredlun

    Behaviour like this is exactly why "I like Chinese".