Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Five-Year Engagement Trailer Is a Pleasant Swirl of Comedy & Romance

Here's the trailer for Five-Year Engagment, written by Jason Segal and Nicholas Stoller and starring Segal and Emily Blunt, set for release April 27. The trailer alone includes one party with champagne, one couple falling into a snowdrift, one twinkly-lit rooftop, and one scene of the couple running towards each other, which together earn it an official rom-com cuteness badge. It should be exciting to see if Segal and Stoller can breathe new life into the petrified corpse of the American romantic comedy. The movie also features Chris Pratt along with one Ms. Alison Brie talking in a British accent, so in the words of Splitsider El Hefe Adam Frucci, "lonely male comedy nerds on the internet, start your engines."

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  • http://www.witstream.com/#david_waghalter dwaghalter

    Fairly certain there's nothing funnier than Emily Blunt going cross-eyed.

  • I'm Gary@twitter

    Wait a second… this derivative entry into the moribund romantic comedy genre gets the benefit of the doubt from you guys, but the Three Stooges reboot doesn't? Does the very presence of Pawnee and Greendale cameos just get you salivating like Pavlov's poochies?

    • Hallie Cantor


      • Hallie Cantor

        What I mean is, personally I find the work of Segal and Stoller and Judd Apatow (whom I neglected to mention in that post is producing this one) and Brie and Pratt consistently enjoyable, and I found the Stooges trailer to be not so great. But that's my opinion!

      • Arran@twitter

        @Hallie Cantor Yeah, it's not exactly shocking that you would be giving the benefit of the doubt to a whole bunch of proven talents rather than to a movie which always sounded like a bad idea and, based on the trailer, appears to be even worse than thought.

      • I'm Gary@twitter

        @Arran@twitter So the Farrelly Brothers aren't proven talents? Hollywood has given them a movie pretty much every two years since the mid-90s.

      • http://www.shutupshelley.net/ Shelley

        @I'm Gary@twitter It seems to me like you're comparing apples and oranges. One is an original story with an entertaining trailer in a typically horrible genre made by and starring people that are pretty well revered by fans of comedy. The other is a modernization of a hugely beloved comedic institution. I love the Farrelly Brothers! I know I'm not alone in that, and I know that despite a few misses, most people would agree with you that they're proven talents. But overall it's so much easier to give this movie the benefit of the doubt over that one… even if The Three Stooges was set at Greendale which had been relocated to Pawnee (since that seems to be the crux of your issue).