Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

So That's Why Work It Went to Series

The latest hip Hollywood thing to know about is the Friends mafia. Yes, there is a secret cabal of writers for Friends who, seven years after the finale, still get all their show ideas developed instantly without any problems because, well, they wrote for a little show called Friends, MAYBE YOU'VE HEARD OF IT? They also (just guessing here) have monthly midnight meetings in torch-lit caverns where they wear robes and chant about how much they hate Greg Daniels and Dan Harmon.

Alas! It turns out that just having written on a successful show doesn't mean you'll be a great showrunner – or even a great writer. The list of failed shows created by Friends alums is longer than the list of people Ross has divorced (that's an inside joke for all the Friends fans. Holla back). And it's about to get one more entry on Jan. 6 when the much-heralded Work It, from Friendsters Andrew Reich and Ted Cohen, trips onto the screen in its ill-fitting high heels. At least now we understand why it's made it this far.

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  • I'm Gary@twitter

    This show will have about as much traction as Lindsey Lohan's hoo-hah. The pilot was so incredibly bad.

    • Megh Wright

      @I'm Gary@twitter I take issue with your comment Mr. Gary. The Lindsay Lohan saga is intense, hilarious, and my best friend in terms of following my guilty pleasure tabloid news. There I said it. Whew.

    • I'm Gary@twitter

      @Megh Wright I'm sorry, but I believe you've misunderstood. We're all captivated by the life and times of Ms. Lohan. Above, I was referring to her vagina.

  • SpacemanSpiff

    Can someone do an article on the 'failed shows created by Friends alums'? Or is there one already up? I would sure like to see that list.

  • Denman