Thursday, December 1st, 2011

South Park Is Being Turned Into a Full-Scale RPG Written by Trey and Matt

There have been a few South Park video games before, and there's even a relatively minor-looking Xbox Live Arcade game coming out soon called South Park: Tenorman's Revenge, but there's a new game in the works that looks to be far more ambitious. Simply titled South Park: The Game, this is going to be a vast open-world RPG set in the world of South Park. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are writing it, performing the voices, and overseeing the development, which I assume is more than they've done for past games.

And there's reason to believe it'll be good: it's being developed by THQ and Obsidian, the latter which video game enthusiasts might know as the developer behind Fallout: New Vegas (one of our funniest games of 2010!). The plot summary is as follows: "As the new kid in South Park, it'll be up to you to make friends and defend the town from a wide range of threats." Sounds nice and vague. It'll be really interesting to see what they do with this, as these sorts of open-world RPGs tend to be set either in elf-ridden fantasy worlds (Skyrim) or post-apocalyptic wastelands (Fallout). Setting one in a cartoon town in Colorado will certainly shake things up. What will be South Park's version of weapon building and enchanting?! But with the South Park creators on board and a developer with a solid track record building it, there are reasons to be optimistic. More details should become available when Game Informer hit shelves in about a week.

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  • Bill Haverchuck

    What the – THQ is STILL around?? God, they used to make all the half-assed cash-in licensed titles for the NES & SNES (Home Alone, Where's Waldo, Ren & Stimpy, Killer Tomatoes, etc.). Granted, I haven't played a game they've developed in over 15 years (as indicated by my ignorance of them still being a company) so they could have learned a few things about developing a fun game in that time, but I still equate THQ with sour memories of discovering that the game I rented for the weekend was no fun within a half hour of bringing it home.