Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

The League Will Be Back For Next Year's Fantasy Football Season

It's official - THE LEAGUE will be back next fall for a 4th season! We are baking you a cake in our Toilet/Kitchen to celebrate
The League on FX

There will officially be another year of the Shiva Bowl! So many more opportunities for Ellie to use the words jibber and suckstick, for Rafi and Dirty Randy to do awful things, for Taco to do secretly genius things, and for Andre to wear things he saw in GQ. Yep, it's great news for everyone.

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  • bill!

    I've never found this show very funny and definitely not relatable at all. I also think that the premise of this show is the last one I would have guessed for these comedians to make. Maybe that just shows my ignorance. But, I still like the people involved in this show and think they're funny elsewhere. The League is oddly baffling to me.

    • iamjustryingtolive

      @bill! felt the same way and only started watching this year. the League is all about banter btw the group. The show is half scripted and half improv'd so that is either a plus or minus.

  • Nick S

    I was on board with all the characters until the Will Forte episode. They forced a recovering addict into relapsing and ruined his marriage/life, then the episode just ended!. Made all the characters seem really fucking evil.

  • NoahShah